SS520XTG-100-Sunstar Sprockets and Chains-SS520XTG-100 Off-Road Sealed gold chain

SS520XTG-100 Off-Road Sealed gold chain

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Sunstar's 520XTG Race Grade Off road chain is built exclusively for handling all off road conditions thrown it's way- whether in 2 or 4 wheel racing.
The 'TripleGuard' sealed ring has three sealing lips & lubrication pools on each side of the ring (similar to 'XW' shape) which provides protection for the critical areas of the chain from mother nature's elements.
Included is the press fit type, clip master link. This chain is rated for bikes or ATVs up to 750cc & has an 7,700lb tensile strength rating.
Used by top off road, WORCS, GNCC, Enduro teams & riders worldwide.

**you can use the SS520XTG-120 if these are sold out. You will just have an extra 20 links to remove**