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  • Getting on the Drive Train: Anatomy of a Motorcycle Final Drive System

    Anatomy Driveline

    The motorcycle final drive is perhaps the most often overlooked system, yet it gives us as riders the opportunity to tailor the performance of our machine precisely to our own riding style.

    What’s a drivetrain? And how do I get on board?

    The drivetrain is a series of mechanical components that drive the motorcycle forward, beginning with power creation and ending with delivery of that power to the rear wheel.

    Comprised of the engine that generates power and a transmission that enables the rider to apply that power in a usable way, this “primary drive” system is then connected to the “final drive” that ultimately transfers the spinning muscle from the gear box back to the rear wheel.

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  • New Website: Sunstar-Braking.com

    New Sunstar Braking Website

    Our Journey Begins

    As riders, there’s nothing quite like the rush of a new ride adventure. Whether that’s attacking the track, taming the trails or ruling the road, we hunger for each chance to set out on a new ride.

    With that same excitement, we are about to set out on a new journey with you, diving into the subject we are most passionate about: motorcycles and SXSs/ATVs. This SUNSTAR® / BRAKING® blog marks the beginning of an ongoing trek where, together, we will explore the ins and outs of braking and drive systems to help you boost your machine’s performance.

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  • SUNSTAR® and BRAKING® Unveil New Combined Website

    Sunstar Braking

    SPRINGBORO, Ohio (DECEMBER 6, 2017) — SUNSTAR and BRAKING, recognized as the industry leaders in OEM and aftermarket sprockets, brake discs and more, announces the launch of a new website created for motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle owners to easily fit their machines with the highest grade, OEM/factory specified products. Read more.



    SPRINGBORO, Ohio (August 22, 2016) – Sunstar, recognized as the industry’s leading sprocket OEM and aftermarket brand, celebrate with Ken Roczen and RCH Racing in capturing the 2016 Pro Motocross Championship 450 title. Roczen dominated the field, winning nine straight motos, en route to the crown.

    Ken Roczen and the Suzuki-backed RCH Racing team have many choices in drive train components. They chose the brand trusted by the engineers who built their bike – Sunstar. For more than 55 years, OEMs, riders and teams have trusted Sunstar quality, strength, precision and durability off-road, on-road and on the track.

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  • Next Moto Champion Product Spotlight

  • Sunstar MX & Street Chain Lube - New for 2013!

  • Josh Strang on Sunstar Sprockets & Chains

  • Alexah's Hangtown - Sunstar

    Join Alexah Pearson as she shows us the ropes when Round 1 of the Rockstar Energy AMA Outdoor Nationals roll into her hometown track. This is Alexah's Hangtown

  • Interview-Malcolm Stewart

    We catch up with Malcolm Stewart at Hangtown as he starts his 1st outdoor motocross season.

  • A Look Inside the Arma Energy / Suzuki City Semi from BC Media

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