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Braking - Give The Gift of Safety

Braking® Holiday Gift Rules.

Still looking for a last-minute gift idea? Give the gift of advanced control and safety.

Have a rider on your holiday gift list? Is he or she tough to buy for? Give ‘em a brake! Whether you’re giving gifts to a rider or want to help someone pick a rockin’ last-minute gift for you, then it may be time to look at a present that will stop them in their tracks. Every bike and rider can benefit from better braking performance. Advanced, high-tech brake pads and brake discs can not only restore less-than-perfect brake system performance, but can also introduce a whole new level of power, control and safety for everyone from the casual dirt or road rider to the professional racer. 

Brake pads with purpose

Stock brake pads, by design, are a compromise. A good compromise, but a compromise nonetheless. Because they must work well for a variety of riders and riding styles, OEM pads typically deliver the best possible combination of attributes for all types of riding—but they often compromise performance in specific situations. That’s why it may be worth replacing OEM pads with specialty brake pads that are designed to maximize performance for specific types of riding. This simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade can make it the stocking stuffer that just might keep that rider from stuffing his bike into the weeds.

Brake discs that break from the norm

It used to be that brake discs were just that: round discs. But advanced engineering revealed that discs made with a non-round design provide better and more consistent braking performance than conventional brake discs—especially under extreme heat. Modern, lightweight disc carriers significantly reduce weight and improve bike handling. Precision-cut, alternate groove designs create more stable braking and remove surface contaminants for superior stopping power. Plus they look downright awesome. While a new set of brake discs may not slip easily into a stocking, they do fit nicely under the tree. Or just slip ‘em under the bike as a nice surprise after the rest of the gifts have been opened.

Stop the guesswork.

Like the idea of giving someone a brake but don’t know exactly what they need or want? Let them have the fun of shopping. Send them a card with a link to and let them pick out something for themselves. The new website lets them search through all of the top-shelf, high-performance brake components designed specifically for their machine.

Whether it’s a last-minute gift you need or if you’ve got holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket, brakes that stop better could just be the gift to go for this year.

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