Dish The Dirt

Sunstar® engineers have been known to fling a little dirt and mud. Now don’t get us wrong; they’re good guys, but they really know how to dish the dirt. Especially how to dish it out and away from your bike’s critical drive components. They do it all in the interest of keeping your bike’s chain and sprockets cleaner and working better longer, no matter how filthy the ride gets. We thought you’d like to know how they managed to do that.


Dirt and mud are the arch enemies of your bike’s final drive system (see our earlier blog, “Dirt is Your Chain’s Kryptonite”-- ). When it gets captured in the links of your bike’s chain and caked on the sprockets, it works like sandpaper filing away at the vital metal surfaces. The result? Drastically accelerated final drive component wear and even failure.

The solution? You could avoid riding in dirt and mud, but that’s certainly no fun. After all, that’s what you bought your dirt bike to do. It’s even in the name: “dirt” bike. There needs to be a better option. So, the folks at Sunstar set out to create a self-cleaning sprocket. The result is the Sunstar Works-Z Steel rear sprocket with a unique offset sprocket tooth design that forces dirt out and away from the teeth and chain. By doing so, it reduces drag, minimizes harmful dirt friction, and increases component longevity. Beyond that, stainless steel was chosen as the sprocket material to stand up to the elements. Stainless is three times more durable than a standard steel sprocket and delivers as much as eight times the durability of aluminum. As an added benefit, stainless steel is also about half the weight of a standard steel sprocket, reducing sprung weight (always a good thing).

What does all of this mean? It means you can head out into the dirt and mud all you want, knowing that your sprocket is busy dishing the dirt away from critical components and assuring longer performance life from your bike’s final drive, all while you’re roosting away.

Too bad the Sunstar guys haven’t figured out a way to make a self-cleaning bike. Yet.

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