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Sunstar's new product for 2013: Chain Lube - we'll offer top of the line lube for both Dirt and Street. The Dirt formula will be a fully synthetic, clear application specifically designed for all off-road use. It's low viscosity prevents the attraction of dirt, sand and dust to the chain -- available in 2 sizes, a standard 500ml can and a refillable 56ml can that's perfect to throw in the tool box for race day.

The Street formula is a white lubricant with higher viscosity, designed for all on road use, from standard street bikes to high-performance racing machines. It's strong adhesive keeps it on your chain and not flinging off on your wheels, with PTFE strengthening this lube penetrates deeply into the rollers for maximum protection. Street lubricant is available in the same two sizes, the 500ml and refillable 56ml cans.