We Race-You Win

Nothing contributes to product development quite the way that racing does. After all, the race track is the ultimate proving ground for motorcycle components. Especially sprockets and chains.


We have a checkered past. And present.

The value of racing is why SUNSTAR® is so heavily involved in off-road and on-road competition at pro and amateur levels all across North America. Since the very beginning, SUNSTAR has been committed to racing and to racers. It’s in our blood. And in the DNA of every product we make.

Things move fast in our laboratory

To stay ahead of the competition, you have to move fast. Really fast. That’s why we use the race track as our high-speed laboratory to accelerate new ideas, learn what works and then create something that works even better. That’s how racers win. And how riders everywhere get innovative drivetrain components that perform reliably under the demands of everyday riding.

Oh yeah? Prove it!

The brutal pounding that components take during a day of racing is like nothing else. It’s survival of the fittest. That’s why we put SUNSTAR components in the hands of professional and amateur racers who push the limits and put our products to the test every weekend. SUNSTAR has won a lot of races … and won the trust of racers and race teams who must rely on equipment to last throughout the race. And throughout the season.

Takin’ it to the street. And trail.

The things we learn on the track translate directly to the products that go on motorcycle manufacturer’s new bikes as OEM equipment. And the products you can buy as direct replacement as well as performance upgrade components. Nearly every SUNSTAR product has a racing lineage and has been proven in the most demanding environments on the planet—all so you can have the same confidence that our racers do that your machine’s drivetrain components will perform better, longer, and with less worry than anything else on the market. 

Learn more about SUNSTAR racing at sunstar-braking.com/race-support. And explore the wide range of high-performance, race-bred components available for your machine at sunstar-braking.com