Factory Bike Brake Pads

Fact: factory pads are a compromise.

Being a bike manufacturer isn’t easy. After all, factory engineers and bean counters have to balance performance, quality, cost, and a wide range of customer riding styles when specifying each component that will go onto that new machine. Including brake components. The result is often a compromise of price and performance that manufacturers hope will satisfy most owners. If you’re looking for more performance, you have options beyond what came on your bike.


What makes brakes better? It’s a matter of friction.

It all comes down to what you want from your braking system. For stronger, more consistent stopping performance, higher friction pad designs help you stop that beast in shorter distances while also minimizing brake fade from continual heavy use. If your riding style doesn’t call for maximum stopping power but you wish your brakes would produce less brake dust and rotor wear, the ticket may be a lower friction pad. Just keep in mind that brake performance has a tradeoff; better braking performance equates to greater rotor wear and more dust. A quality set of semi-metallic brake pads provide excellent stopping power and fade resistance while also minimizing dust and brake noise.

Good news: you have a choice.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance the performance of your motorcycle or ATV is to swap out the OEM pads for a better set of binders. Fortunately, you have a lot of quality choices in the aftermarket to fit your specific performance (and budget) needs. For instance, Braking® brand offers seven different available compounds made specifically for unique applications and uses, including semi-metallic, dual carbon and dual-sintered pads. But beware, there are also lesser quality options in the aftermarket as well, so it’s always best to turn to a proven, trusted brand like Braking®.

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