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  • Advanced sprocket design repels dirt while you roost.

    Play Dirty

    Dirt riders love getting dirty; the more soil, sand, dust, and mud the better. But, as they say, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. In this case, what’s getting hurt is your bike’s sprockets and chain. Here’s the rub; all that grit and grime gets into the drivetrain and works like sandpaper, filing away at those critical components that keep your bike “moto-vating” down the track or trail. Plain and simple, dirt kills conventional chains and sprockets.

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  • OEMazing!


    OEM? OMG! Restore your bike’s drivetrain to “as new” factory performance specs with sprockets and chains from the world’s largest OEM manufacturer.

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  • Here are the top four ways to keep your bike’s drivetrain performing like new.


    As riders who love performance, we tend to put our bikes through the paces every chance we get. And that means our machines can show accelerated wear and tear, especially on drivetrain components. That’s where the Core 4 maintenance tasks come in. With a commitment to doing these four simple tasks on a regular basis, we can go far to make sure our drivetrain continues to deliver top performance on every ride and for mile after mile.

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  • Could your bike’s drivetrain be a little stressed?


    The coronavirus pandemic has everyone a bit tense these days. And no wonder; even the most mundane and routine tasks that we all used to do without giving a second thought have suddenly become sources of anxiety. But here’s a task that might just help you relax … and help your bike’s drivetrain unwind a bit too.

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  • DIY: Replacing your bike’s chain and sprocket.

    Yes you can

    Swapping out your bike’s worn out chain and sprockets may seem like a daunting task. But it’s not as tough as you may think. Here’s all it takes to do it yourself … and save a bunch of money in the process.

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  • Get your bike in top shape for the new year.

    Sprockets copy

    At the start of each new year, we all vow to get ourselves into better shape, outperform all we did the year before, and finally hit the places we’ve always said we’d go. As diehard riders, our bikes are the vehicles that will get us there this year. So, while the new year is time to give yourself a new start, it’s also time to give your bike a refresh too. Call it a new drive for the new season. Here are a few tips to get your bike’s new year off to a good start …

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  • Winning! What makes top racers great.

    MX Racing

    Riders who consistently earn a spot on the podium; are they a unique breed? Are they made differently than everyone else with a special “checkered flag” gene? Or are they mere mortals who have just found how to gain an edge over every other racer?

    At SUNSTAR® and BRAKING® we spend a lot of time with racers. In fact, our BRAKING brand has been part of 113 World Titles to date … and counting! We know a thing or two about finishing first. So here are a few things we’ve learned about what it takes to be a winner on the track.

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  • Getting on the Drive Train: Anatomy of a Motorcycle Final Drive System

    Anatomy Driveline

    The motorcycle final drive is perhaps the most often overlooked system, yet it gives us as riders the opportunity to tailor the performance of our machine precisely to our own riding style.

    What’s a drivetrain? And how do I get on board?

    The drivetrain is a series of mechanical components that drive the motorcycle forward, beginning with power creation and ending with delivery of that power to the rear wheel.

    Comprised of the engine that generates power and a transmission that enables the rider to apply that power in a usable way, this “primary drive” system is then connected to the “final drive” that ultimately transfers the spinning muscle from the gear box back to the rear wheel.

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