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  • Keeping your sprocket teeth and chain clean can keep you smiling

    Mud in your teeth

    April showers bring … mud. And mud brings greater wear and tear to your bike’s sprockets and chain. Grime and gunk also create drag that robs your bike’s performance. Keeping the drive train clean and free of crud will extend the life of critical components and maximize its usable power. Here’s how to live and ride crud free.

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  • Spring Cleaning. And Inspecting. And Adjusting.


    Like many riders—especially those in cold-weather climates—you probably put your bike in storage for the winter. But even though it had no wear and tear on it from riding during those winter months, all of that sitting may have taken a toll.

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  • Sealed With an X


    Traditionally, at the factory where your bike was made, grease or another lubricant was applied to your bike’s chain. The problem is, road grime is also drawn into the chain once you began riding the bike. That dirt sticks to the lubricant like glue quickly compromise the factory lubrication, adds grit and accelerates wear. For longer-lasting performance, there was a need to seal in all of that gooey goodness while keeping the outside grime outside so that your bike’s chain could stay lubricated for a lifetime.

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  • Sizing It Up


    Sprockets and chains come in a variety of sizes. Each of those sizes is assigned a three-digit number that is, quite frankly, a great mystery to most riders. Yet, understanding how the numbers work and what setup is right for your bike or ATV is essential. Plus, once you grasp the terminology, you can impress your riding buddies with your knowledge. So let’s get started.

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  • When it comes to performance, every ounce counts!


    It’s just part of who we all are as performance-oriented riders. We want to squeeze every bit of performance from our bikes. Two ways we do that are by finding ways to add horsepower to the engine and by trying to reduce the bike’s overall weight to establish a more favorable power-to-weight ratio.

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  • On track to make the best products in the business.


    Nothing contributes to product development quite the way that racing does. After all, the race track is the ultimate proving ground for motorcycle components. Especially sprockets and chains.

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  • Keeping your bike on the straight and narrow.


    How to make sure your bike’s rear wheel is properly aligned for top performance and durability.

    Most of us don’t give it a second thought. But a misaligned rear wheel can create serious handling issue, lead to rapid, uneven tire wear, and wreak havoc on drivetrain sprockets and chain. Fortunately, it’s pretty, um, straightforward to make sure everything is in line.

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  • Good bike behavior calls for a chain that’s well adjusted.


    Your bike’s final drive was designed by some really smart engineers to deliver serious performance while also staying composed, predictable and reliable through the constantly changing demands of everyday riding.  And it was designed to do that for thousands and thousands of trouble-free miles provided that we, as riders, do our part. Performing simple routine chain tension checks and adjustments goes miles—quite literally—in assuring our bikes will perform at their best mile after mile and year after year.

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  • The superheroes of power delivery.


    How your bike’s sprockets and chain work together to deliver super power.

    To achieve maximum performance, most riders tend to turn immediately to the power plant and begin to mastermind what wicked engine mods they will make. Sure, those mods can add serious horsepower, but will those changes really make the desired difference at the rear wheel? Can an investment of hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in engine upgrades pay out? Will the good rider come out ahead? Will the power of goodness triumph in the end?

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  • Turning bad vibration into good vibes.


    How changing your bike’s gearing with a sprocket change could be a smooth move.

    You love your bike. But the continuous vibration at certain speeds can be a real buzz kill. Fortunately, a relatively simple change of final drive gear ratios on your chain-driven motorcycle can move that bad vibration away from the speeds you travel most and restore the good vibes you otherwise get when riding your machine. It’s relatively easy for the average rider to do or have done by a qualified mechanic at a reasonable cost. First, let’s get a better understanding of what this whole “final drive gear ratio” thing is all about.

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