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Monthly Archives: December 2018

  • Something Old, Something New

    Looks can stop traffic. Modern brakes can stop old bikes.

    How to achieve more modern brake performance for your vintage motorcycle.

    There’s not much that’s more exciting than the head-turning power of an old motorcycle brought back to life as a resto-mod café, a retro racer, or a full restoration. What’s also exciting—but not in such a good way—is vintage braking system performance. A freight train could stop faster than most vintage bikes.

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  • Don’t skip out on your check.

    It’s easy to hop on the bike, hit the starter button and roll down the road or trail. But will your bike’s critical chain and sprockets be up to the task? Depending on riding conditions and riding habits, drivetrain components can wear at different rates. And the last thing you want to experience is unexpected failure miles from home. A simple 30-second pre-ride check before every ride is cheap insurance and will keep you informed about your bike’s drivetrain condition.

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