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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • Off Track! (Street Use Of Racing Pads)

    Off Track Racing

    Race pads on street bikes could slow you down. Or … not.

    Modern sport bikes have face-ripping power that quickly produces incredible speed. To match all of that swiftness, fast bikes also need to have exceptional braking systems to slow all of that forward momentum down just as quickly. Nobody knows that better than professional racers; the guys that push their machines to the limit lap after lap. Racers rely on high-performance brakes that will stand up to extreme heat and resist brake fade even when they’re glowing red.

    So, wouldn’t that kind of performance be perfect for the sport bike rider who wants maximum braking performance for the street? Surprisingly … no.

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  • The Dirt on Chain Wear

    dirty bike chain

    Dirt, mud and sand may be your chain’s worst enemy.

    Even Superman had his kryptonite—the one element that could bring the superhero to his knees. Dirt, mud and sand can weaken the most super bike chain just as easily.

    The modern motorcycle chain is designed to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel with tremendous efficiency and smoothness. And, with proper care, it does a super job of that. Unfortunately, there is an arch enemy to the motorcycle chain: dirt. The dirt, mud and sand commonly found in popular riding environments can be as harsh as an industrial abrasive. Whether you’re riding in the dirt or on the street, those nasty elements can find their way onto your bike’s chain and wreak havoc on the rollers and seals that normally provide smooth and reliable operation. Dirt also accelerates wear of the chain and sprockets, shortening the service life of your drivetrain.

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