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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • 4 Tips to Better Braking and Moves That Would Score a Perfect “10”

    Braking Techniques

    Nearly every rider wants more power. But power is only impressive if it can be managed with excellent braking. Done right, it’s as beautiful as a well-choreographed dance between rider and machine. Here are four ways to help you and your bike become better dance partners on the road or on the track.

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  • How to know when to replace sprockets

    replace sprockets

    The time to replace sprockets isn’t after the teeth are severely curled or worn down to a nub. Or when the chain starts jumping the cogs. To maintain top, reliable performance of your bike and to minimize damage to other components, sprocket replacement should happen long before then. But how can we know when those gearwheels have served their useful lifetime? Here are a few simple ways to know if your final drive is due for a swap out to new components.

    Look for the early warning signs

    Just as it’s best to see a doctor now and then for a checkup instead of waiting until you’ve got a serious problem, it’s a good idea to do regular checkups on your machine before things get bad (and expensive!). Taking just a few minutes each week to check out these handful of things will help you determine if you’ve got an unhealthy final drive.

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