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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • How Losing or Adding a Few Teeth Can Improve Your Bike’s Performance

    Sprockets Lose Teeth

    No other final drive design has the gearing flexibility of a chain-drive system. By simply swapping out that stock front or rear sprocket with a different size, you can tune your bike’s performance to your distinct riding style and preferences.

    Why change gearing?

    Racers routinely change gear ratios to maximize speed and performance for each particular track. For the rest of us, a gearing change can enhance specific performance characteristics, like acceleration or fuel economy—and even subduing an annoying engine vibration.

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  • Are factory brake pads the best choice for your bike?

    bike brake pads

    Fact: factory pads are a compromise.

    Being a bike manufacturer isn’t easy. After all, factory engineers and bean counters have to balance performance, quality, cost, and a wide range of customer riding styles when specifying each component that will go onto that new machine. Including brake components. The result is often a compromise of price and performance that manufacturers hope will satisfy most owners. If you’re looking for more performance, you have options beyond what came on your bike.

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